About Us

This business is dedicated to the activity of art and the business of providing artistic goods and services to the community.
Everything we provided revolves around the visual fine art field, the creation of home decor, and the fun filled participation in art.
We provide art classes, workshops, paint parties, graphic design services, art supplies, custom picture framing, signage, banners, offset printing, screen printing of garment decoration such as t-shirt printing, and novelty items.
As an artist that has strived to break the “starving artist” boundaries, I know the obstacles artists face within their quest to succeed.
I enjoy helping artists grow past the fear of the blank canvas to a well rounded composition. Our art classes exposes individuals to a wide range of information and experiences to help them grow artistically.
We offer a good variety of quality art supplies needed to accomplish their artwork.
Picture framing provides artists and others with quality framing to finish out any forms of art. With the Wizard digital mat cutter, creativity is always part of the framing services.
With over 28 years of experience in fine art & commercial art field, I provide clients with fine art, handmade decor, graphic design services, offset and screen printed materials, signs, banners, and web design.
Tshirt designs are my speciality. While working as a screen printing manager for over 5 years, I have accumulated 1000s of designs, clipart including sports mascots, fonts, and experience creating artwork for garment decoration.
My fine art talent and years of experience allow me the ability to create just about anything I put my mind to!
Let me help you create your custom decor or project.
Linda Cohen